Exterior Painting

Home paint
Although it may not seem like it, exterior painting is an immensely different process from interior painting. Different colors are needed to impress neighbors and welcome guests depending on whether the building is a home or commercial building.
Painting home exterior
Biggest of all, the type of paint and it’s application is markedly different on a surface that is going to be exposed to the forces of nature. Very often, an exterior surface must be cleared off before paint can be applied. We will take care of power washing before the paint, and waterproofing after. We can even provide your home with roof coding systems, for an extra layer of protection.
Painting steel roof red
Exterior painting is more likely to feel the effects of weather, damage, and animals than the painting inside your home, and so precise expertise is required to make sure it goes on and stays on as it should. For an expert that apply your exterior paint reliably, while keeping you in the loop throughout the process, contact us at Blue Sky Painting Inc. in San Antonio, TX.